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Birth control medications are drugs that prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. Most birth control medications work by acting on the hormonal system - reducing the likelihood of ovulation and/or implantation. These drugs may also be used in different ways - most commonly as a pill, but sometimes as injections, as vaginal implants or as patches that deliver medication through the skin.

Top medications used by MediGuard members with this condition:



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Name Patients Severity
Etonogestrel 11% Moderate
Levonorgestrel 10% Moderate
Nuvaring 9% Moderate
Levonorgestrel with Ethinylestradiol 9% Moderate
Ethinylestradiol with Norgestimate 9% Moderate
Drospirenone with Ethinyl Estradiol 8% Moderate
Desogestrel with Ethinylestradiol 8% Moderate
Trinovum 8% Moderate
Norinyl-1 7% Moderate
Norethindrone 7% Moderate
Ethinyl Estradiol with Norgestrel 5% Moderate
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