Muscle Spasms

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A muscle spasm can also be known as a muscle cramp. It is a contraction of one or more of your muscles. Muscle cramps can last for a few seconds to several minutes. They can be very painful. Several factors can cause muscle spasm such as dehydration, overuse of a muscle, and lack of minerals in your diet. Muscle spasms can normally be treated with at home remedies, including stretching and massaging the affected muscle and drinking plenty of fluids during exercise. Consult a doctor if your muscles pains: 1) Are severe, 2) Do not go away with simple stretching, 3) Keep coming back, or 4) Last a long time.

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Name Patients Severity
Quinine Sulphate 9% Moderate
Chlorzoxazone 8% Moderate
Potassium Gluconate 7% Moderate
Baclofen 6% Moderate
Carisoprodol 6% Moderate
Carisoprodol with Aspirin 6% Moderate
Orphenadrine 5% Moderate
Tizanidine 5% Moderate
Cyclobenzaprine 5% Moderate
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