About Us

MediGuard.org is owned and operated by iGuard, Inc., a Quintiles company. MediGuard was created by professionals with decades of experience in health care market research, clinical drug development and medication safety to empower patients to make better informed health decisions. The primary purpose of MediGuard is to promote improved communication and research about medication safety for members taking an active role in their treatment. By providing up-to-date safety alerts/recalls, along with feedback and reviews from other MediGuard members, we are able to engage directly with members and allow them to make more informed decisions regarding their health.

MediGuard supports a community of patients profiled by medication and condition that are both accessible and motivated to participate in research. Currently, over 2.6 million patients in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia have registered from MediGuard making it one of the largest and fastest-growing health care communities in history.

We believe that the patient plays an important role in improving medication safety. MediGuard connects patients and researchers and allows us to conduct better, faster and more cost-effective research. Our end goal is to publish data that ultimately improves patient satisfaction, safety and health.

Be Safer. Be Healthier. Join MediGuard.

NOTE: Unless indicated otherwise, all information presented on this website has been developed by MediGuard pharmacy staff and/or calculated from aggregated information provided by our community of over 2.6 million users.

Last Updated: 9 May 2013