Carbymal (Carbamazepine)


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i have been taking tegretol retard now for 6 years no one ever tells you about the side affects, but the side affects are not as bad as the nuralgia i have , i find they dont mix to well with other drugs i am taking (eg; b/pressure tablets ) its best to leave good gaps between the tegroltol and the adlodapine. also its hard to explain to the doctor ,how i feel . as for the weight gaine ,cut out as much sugar and fat from your diet it may help.
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i've been on tegretol nearly 9 years and my side affects are mood swings and weight gain , but i think my body is getting ammune to the medication as my epilpetic fits seem to be getting worse

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I have been on Tegretol retard 800mg per day for over 10 years are there any long term side affects.
I just findloss of control of my life a problem not that I have any choice but now I have
Diabeties numbing of the fingers and weight gain

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